Discover the main news and events organised by the npSCOPE project team

  • Review Meeting and GA at Month 12

    The Review Meeting and GA at month 12 was held in the Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf (HZDR) in Dresden, Germany.

    During the first day the developments of the first year were reviewed. During the second day, specific tasks were discussed in more detail and the work for the 6 coming months prepared. The GA finished with a visit of the facilities of HZDR.

  • GFIS source and column installed at LIST

    The GFIS source and column manufactured by ZEISS have been shipped to Luxembourg and are now installed on a test chamber in the npSCOPE laboratory at LIST. The specification tests for He+ and Ne+ beams were successfully fulfilled. The different npSCOPE partners are in the final stages of designing the various other components of the npSCOPE instrument (e.g. STHIM system, SIMS system, cryo-stage, main chamber, load lock system, ...). These components will be integrated progressively during the next months.

  • Extension of building for npSCOPe instrument is finished

    The new laboratory at LIST which is going to house the npSCOPE instrument is now ready!

  • Tests for cryo-stage

    Tests for cryo-stage

    At LIST, currently tests are being performed with a Z-X-Y-R piezo-stage when a set of copper bands is attached to it. These tests are needed to progress with the development of the actual cryo-transmission-stage for the npSCOPE instrument.

  • Extension of the LIST building: construction started today!

    The constrution of the extension of the LIST building, which is going to hold the npSCOPE instrument, started today.


  • Assembling of GFIS column

    Assembling of GFIS column

    The GFIS column for the npSCOPE instrument is being assembled and tested at ZEISS.

  • GA meeting at month 6

    The GA meeting at month 6 was held in Lake House near the VITO headquarters in Mol, Belgium.

    During one day and a half, 21 members of the 9 project partners discussed the progress of the different work packages.

  • Kick-off meeting

    The kick-off meeting for the Horizon 2020-funded project npSCOPE was held in Belvaux in Luxembourg. It was hosted by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), the project coordinator.

    During this 2 day event, 27 members from the 9 partner institutes were fixing the working programme for the first 6 months.

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